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Benefits Canada: Quoted in: How to deal with workplace bullies

June 21, 2016

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Benefits Canada – Marg. Bruineman | June 21, 2016

Workplace bullying was a problem Robert Laing thought he was ready for. In his 35 years of working in management, he had dealt with harassment issues before and was proud of the policy his organization, the British Columbia Real Estate Association, had adopted.

But when he encountered a situation involving a member of the board of directors a couple of years ago, the association’s own policy and the province’s anti-bullying legislation didn’t provide him with the guidance he needed to determine whether the situation had crossed into the statutory realm of bullying.

“When it actually comes down to apply it, there are a lot of difficulties,” says Laing, chief executive officer of the association, referring to anti-bullying legislation. “Where we thought the behaviour was totally inappropriate — and it was inappropriate on a director level — where do you draw the line between someone being a boor or jerk and [where] we’ve technically crossed over the line into bullying?”

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