The driving force behind our summer and articling programs is our commitment to our students.  At Williams HR Law you are a part of the team from day one.  We recognize the value in development and strive to provide our students with the best experience possible by fostering a supportive and engaging environment where our students can truly thrive. We see through inexperience to the real potential in young lawyers who are as committed to their development as professionals as we are. Our aim is to retain our students to become lawyers in our growing practice. We want our students to develop new skills, gain exposure and most of all, to achieve success and enjoy a fulfilling career.

Practice Areas

Students will have the opportunity to gain experience in the areas of practice within the field of human resources law, including: employment law, labour relations, human rights and workplace health and safety.  Crediting the close-knit nature of our boutique law firm, our program offers students the comprehensive and inclusive experience they need as they develop their legal skills and allows us to meet the unique needs of each student in their professional development.

What We Offer You

Responsibility & Inclusiveness

Every member of the Williams HR Law team is a hands-on contributor to our success and students are no exception. Students have the opportunity to become fully engaged in files, interact with our clients, and participate in all aspects of firm operation. On any given week, students may find themselves attending mediations and hearings, giving input at client meetings and business development sessions, drafting articles for firm publications or its website, conducting research and writing, or drafting legal documents.  Every member of the Williams HR Law team is dedicated to our student program initiative to create a supportive and stimulating environment for our young lawyers.

Engaging Work

As a student at Williams HR Law you can expect to be engaged in exciting and meaningful work on the whole spectrum of human resource legal issues for clients conducting business in a wide range of sectors. We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients and you will quickly come to learn the value of the services we provide to them.

Enjoyable Environment

At Williams HR Law we place great value on maintaining an environment that is collegial, supportive and respectful. The lawyers and staff of Williams HR Law are committed to a culture that makes our workspace as enjoyable as possible. If you are a team player with a positive attitude, this is the place for you.

Professional Development & Feedback

Although more formal evaluations are conducted, feedback is constantly provided on an informal basis as part of our commitment to the development of our students. The office door of each and every lawyer at Williams HR Law is always open and students are always welcome to ask questions, seek clarification, or receive feedback and advice on any of their projects.

What We Look For

Intelligence, Ability & Creativity:

Our students are exceptional people. They demonstrate strong analytical ability and harbour the creativity to be able to apply effective solutions to complex legal issues. We look to unleash the potential in our students who can showcase their ability in an environment that encourages initiative and ideas.

Interpersonal Skills & Team Mentality:

Our students are dedicated team players who take pride in being part of our continued success. They are personable and can contribute to the positive energy of our team and the enthusiasm and spirit of our office.

Attention to Detail & Strong Communications Skills:

Whether drafting legal documents, communicating with clients and colleagues, or developing content for  presentations and newsletters, our students are able communicators and proficient writers.

Passion & Enthusiasm:

Our students are not only passionate about the law, but passionate about our areas of expertise and appreciate our commitment to exemplary client service. They also have an express interest in labour and employment law and the representation of management interests.

How to Apply

Your application package should include a cover letter, résumé, law school and post-secondary transcripts, writing sample and list of anticipated 2nd and 3rd year courses (if applicable).

We accept applications by email, mail, fax or in-person. Please direct your application to:

Williams HR Law Professional Corporation
11 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9T8

Phone: 905-205-0496
Fax: 905-418-0147

We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email.

Testimonial from former summer student, Anthony Panacci:

“Throughout the summer, I was assigned valuable and meaningful tasks. I had the opportunity to conduct legal research, contribute to the firm newsletter, draft memoranda of law, and draft a small claims court pleading. I also benefitted from the ability to work on files directly with the firm principal, Laura Williams, who provided me with feedback on every piece of work that was submitted; I always felt as though my contributions were valued and I was never left to question whether my work was done properly or adequately. The firm also included me in as many aspects of operations as possible. I had the opportunity to attend an in-house seminar, a litigation preparation meeting, a mediation, and a hearing before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. I was included in business development meetings where I was asked for input into decisions regarding the firm’s website and client generation strategies. Before my summer term began, Williams HR Law promised that it would strive to provide me with the best experience possible. Looking back at my summer term, I can say without doubt that the firm lived up to its promise and provided me with a truly excellent experience.”

Anthony Panacci