Walking the tightrope

How to strike the right balance between driving organizational performance, building an employee-friendly workplace culture while still meeting your HR-related legal compliance

Thank Google. Or maybe Facebook, Apple, Zappos or any of the other early-2000s start-ups that transformed the business world with their unprecedented focus on employee engagement and workplace culture. Each of these household names gave organizations across industries a new template for attracting, engaging and retaining top employees.

But as word spread of these employee-friendly cultures and perks—think everything from free lunches and in-office massage therapy to foosball tables and ultra-generous compensation packages—the bar was slowly raised on what it meant to deliver a fulfilling workplace experience. Across North America and beyond, employees from Millennials to Baby Boomers came to expect employers to provide many of those now-cliched Silicon Valley fringe benefits.

Business owners, managers and HR professionals quickly became overwhelmed as they sought effective ways to operate in a rapidly shifting marketplace and grow their bottom-lines, all while meeting employee expectations. In many cases, engaged workforces soon became entitled ones.

We’ve made it our goal to help organizations find a new balance— one that allows them to meet HR-related legal compliance and operational requirements while still building dynamic, employee-friendly workplaces.

Join us for the 6th annual Williams HR Law Proactive Workplace Law Workshop, an engaging, interactive learning experience. You’ll hear and share real-world experiences, delve into recent case law developments and explore new tactics and strategies to promote HR law compliance and best practices across your workplace.

Explore practical strategies to:

  • Meet legislative compliance with an emphasis on effectively managing in the context of new legal developments, such as workplace harassment requirements under Bill 132
  • Establish effective policies and procedures that meet legal requirements, while still setting expectations and addressing employee workplace preferences
  • Set employee conduct expectations to help drive organizational success
  • Equip managers to find the balance between meeting operational objectives and promoting employee engagement

Our workshop will provide practical, actionable tactics that help mitigate risk, minimize costs and maximize performance across your organization— ultimately helping your organization walk the people-management tightrope with greater confidence.

Thursday, May 25, 2017  |  8 a.m. to 12 pm

(Registration opens at 7:30 a.m., breakfast included)

Richmond Hill Country Club, 8905 Bathurst St.; Richmond Hill, ON

$100 per person

 If you require further assistance,
please contact Amanda Lee at 905-205-0496.