A Proactive Approach to HR Law

Our law firm provides labour and employment law services to employers across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. We specialize in helping organizations of all sizes manage HR law challenges on a proactive basis, before they can negatively impact business results. Our approach is flexible, cost-effective and practical. We’re committed to providing organizations with best-in-class legal expertise backed by years of real-world experience, which explains our long-standing reputation as an advocate-of-choice during difficult litigation proceedings.

We do it by taking the time to understand your organization’s complex business needs and unique workplace culture before designing HR law solutions that are customized, comprehensive and effective.

We have a proven track-record of helping businesses successfully navigate their most challenging workplace issues.

– Laura Williams, Principal
Williams HR Law

Firm Profile

We believe in building collaborative and enduring relationships with the employers we serve, from Fortune 500 corporations to small and medium-sized companies. Everything we do honours our client-service commitment, which shows in the trust our clients place in us and in the results we achieve on their behalf.

We recognize that effective solutions go beyond the law. Human resources is about people management, first and foremost, a concept that is truer in today’s business environment than ever before. It’s the reason that we take the time to address the human element in every strategic decision we deliver.

We work diligently to be our clients’ first choice when managing their often complex HR law needs. Our story began with a vision, and we know that our continued success means staying true to that vision – defining our success by the success of our clients. Welcome to a new kind of HR law practice. Welcome to Williams HR Law.

We are Legal Expertise at Work. ™