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Workplace Restorations

Improper terminations that result in wrongful dismissal claims, recurring sexual harassment accusations, lengthy workplace investigations—they’re the type of potentially costly employment law incidents that can shake the resolve of even the most seasoned CEO. When they occur, these events can also have a significant impact on workplace culture, productivity and even bottom-line results.

Our firm is a leader in providing workplace restoration services, a series of crucial steps that help employers re-engage staff, restore confidence in management and set an organization on the path to renewed success. Our proactive approach covers all aspects of the restoration process, from HR policy design and post-incident assessment, to mediation and management training.

Workplace restoration is a comprehensive process designed to rebuild employee engagement and productivity after a disruptive incident, then establish the conditions for renewed organization-wide success.


Proactive policy design and deployment
Pre- and post-incident management training
Post-incident performance monitoring
Post-incident risk assessment and mitigation
Corporate communication strategy design and deployment
Employee mediation and engagement restoration

What our clients say

As a firm, Williams HR Law has taught us about the value of thinking proactively when it comes to employment law. They’ve helped us to think strategically and save money while avoiding unnecessary risk. It’s a refreshing change from the other firms we’ve worked with in the past.

We faced a situation where we had to terminate an employee under a very difficult set of circumstances, and our workplace culture was impacted as a result. WHRL worked to understand our business and develop a customized strategy to help restore the great workplace environment we used to have.

I have recommended and used Laura Williams' legal services on behalf of a number of clients. She is empathetic, thorough, and tenacious in pursuing their needs.

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Regardless of industry sector or location, we partner with our clients to provide customized legal solutions that integrate seamlessly with their organization’s goals to drive strong desired outcomes.

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