Williams HR Law LLP

Our Approach

A Unique Client Experience

We understand that for many employers, dealing with often costly employment law challenges involves hiring a lawyer to help them react to circumstances, rather than using sound advice and planning to manage issues before they escalate. Our client experience is different.

We think proactively, helping you highlight–and mitigate–the many HR law risks facing your organization. It’s an approach that helps reduce legal and related costs, maintain productivity and ensure strong employee engagement.

Think of our team of legal professionals and support staff as an extension of your organization–engaged, passionate, attentive and dedicated to your success. We’re committed to providing the right HR law counsel and representation to address your unique business needs. That means you can expect a collaborative approach built on communication and understanding, one that leverages our team’s combined decades of experience and expertise to deliver optimal results every time.

We understand that reputations are earned–and it’s a fact we never take for granted.

We promise to be:

We will be accessible and responsive, returning phone calls and emails as promptly as possible to suit your needs.
We will ensure that we take the time to understand your business and the unique dynamics of your workplace culture.
We will maintain regular communication to keep you informed about the status of your legal situation.
Fiscally Responsible
We will take a cost-effective approach and ensure that our fees and billing are predictable.
We will help you stay a step ahead of the latest developments in labour and employment law.
We will ensure that any strategic advice we provide is developed in collaboration with your team.

Our Process

We take a unique four-step approach to helping organizations proactively address their HR law challenges:


Our team asks the right questions to understand your organization’s business model, unique workplace culture and people-management challenges.


We will work with your team to develop a proactive and comprehensive employment and labour law strategy that addresses your business needs today and in the future.


Our team will deploy that strategy to achieve your desired business results. That often means taking proactive steps to mitigate risk before an HR issue escalates.


We will monitor progress and take all necessary steps to ensure your organization achieves the right business outcome. We won’t stop working until you’re satisfied.

Our clients are our top priority and it shows in our approach. We listen to our clients, keep them informed and respect their time. We don’t speak legal jargon and we don’t make assumptions. Most importantly, our legal team delivers the strategic legal advice and vigorous representation our clients need to successfully manage their workplaces.