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Piloting The AI Frontier: A Guide For Employers Embracing AI In The Workplace

A recent survey by KMPG suggests that one in five Canadians are using generative AI tools to help them with their work or studies. Despite the widespread use of AI and its historical presence spanning decades, there is currently no regulatory framework in Canada specific to AI. In fact, the federal government only recently tabled […]

Managing Political Expression at Work: Key Strategies for Employers

Despite the adage “politics and work do not mix”, employees are becoming increasingly emboldened to express support for political causes in the workplace. Because the political and the personal often overlap, seemingly minor disagreements can quickly escalate into loud, heated arguments, and employers must recognize their potentially detrimental impacts. Depending on their content and mode, […]

Sick but Clicking: Disability Management and Working from Home While Sick

The rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements has introduced new challenges for employers, particularly with respect to managing work-from-home accommodation requests and handling situations where employees work from home while sick. As these situations are becoming increasingly common, employers must navigate the complexities of disability management and managing their workplace. Work-from-Home Accommodation Requests Employers […]

Upcoming Pay Equity Deadlines for Federally Regulated Employers

Pay equity seeks to address systemic gender wage gaps within an organization, ensuring that all employees receive fair compensation for their work. The federal Pay Equity Act [PEA]came into effect on August 31, 2021.  Notably, the PEA requires federally regulated employers to post their final pay equity plans and communicate any resulting pay increases by […]