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Bolstering Student Protection Against Sexual Misconduct in Post-Secondary Institutions

Bill 26, Strengthening Post-secondary Institutions and Students Act, 2022 [SPISA], which was passed on December 8, 2022, requires post-secondary institutions (“Institutions”) to develop better measures to address faculty and staff sexual misconduct towards students. By July 1, 2023, Institutions captured under the Ministry of Training, Colleges and University Act, 1990 and the Private Career Colleges […]

How Failing to Address a Supervisor’s Misconduct Cost an Employer Over $250,000 in Damages

Osmani v Universal Structure Restorations Ltd [Osmani] reminds employers that ignoring an employee’s misconduct can lead to considerable costs. In Osmani, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (“ONSC”) awarded nearly $300,000 to the plaintiff, a temporary foreign worker (“TFW”), who was mistreated by his supervisor—out of the total amount, the employer was liable for over […]